City of Art, Seoul

Millan, Paris, New York .. There are lots of cities of art in the world.

And there is an another city of art in South Korea. (it is Seoul of course ^_^)

For two months, I have looked in every nook and corner in Seoul to find these artistic spaces.

Then let me show these pics~


This is the ceiling of Fractal Turtleship, you know- NamJune Paik’s work.


This small gallery is in the northern village in Seoul.

Looks very neat and simple right?

There are lots of small galleries like that in everywhere in Seoul even in the subway station or bus.

↑Also, It is safe to say that Seoul Squre is major art square in the world.

↑This is a kind of bell, its exact name is Bosingak (보신각종.)

Koreans celebrate New Year’s Day by ringing the bell.

And the sound of the bell is very clear and fluty.

These are in Shinsegae(신세계) department store in CentralCity (near at the express bus terminal(고속 버스 터미날) station.)

Kindergarteners draw that watercolors.

They are all very considering environment and the earth!

Good boys and girls!

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