Hangang Renaissance-Finest Cafes

“Design aficionados have been drawn by the Korean capital’s glammed-up cafes and restaurants, immaculate art galleries and monumental fashion palaces like the sprawling outpost of Milan’s 10 Corso Como and the widely noted Ann Demeulemeester store — an avant-garde Chia Pet covered in vegetation.” – New York Times

I showed you those immaculate art galleries and monumental fashion palaces in Seoul the other day, right? And this time, I’ll show you what do those Seoul’s glammed-up cafes and restaurants look like. Here we go~ Just follow me!

As many as 8 cafes are on the bridge of Han River. (Wait! Han River, which is called ‘Hangang’ is not only Seoul’s lifeline, but tourist attraction.)

↑ Do you see that cafe? Its name is “A Ri-tta-um”, meaning ‘Beauty’.

↓ And this pic is inside view of the cafe. The cafe is divided in two parts, east and west. East space imparts an Eastern atmospere and west space is filled with western atmosphere.

↓ These cafes’ name are Nodeul and Rio. Their same motto is “the Lighthouse” and they are both adorned with big windows for the sake of making visitors enjoy the scenery of Han River. How about spending a special evening at these cafes with your boyfriend or girlfriend? (or family 😉 )

↓ These cafes are also good to enjoy your special evening. Their names are “Cloud” and “Flaming sunset “. (Actually in Korean name, 구름 노을 ,they sounds more romantic.) You can also enjoy breeze of Han River with aromatic scent there.

↓Though it may seem plain in daytime, it is not in nightime. Its name is “Cafe Rainbow” And Its main menu is Makgeolli(unrefined rice wine)with cocktail. Makgeolli is Korean traditional drink, and this liquor leaves a fantastic aftertaste, my father said. 🙂 You should try it someday!

↓ Lastly, its names is “Riverview Bom(meaning Spring)”. It’s motto is very unique- ‘for Women and for Environment’.

For special days like Christmas, Valentines day.. etc Those places are perfect, right? So, why don’t you enjoy your lovely tea or bitter brew at one of Seoul’s best cafes?

사진 제공 서울특별시 한강사업본부

5 Responses to “Hangang Renaissance-Finest Cafes”

  1. i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life:~~

  2. i really like to visit art galleries because i love every bit of art *,:

  3. well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on asia and europe. i would really love to travel a lot ~~;

  4. during valentines day, i always give my girlfriend a very warm hug that she enjoys “;*

  5. Very useful article, I will follow your blog frequently. Bookmark

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