Let’s Take a Walk Under the Moonlight!

I have a question to you guys. What do you think about bridge? Exclusive property of cars and trains?

Then my answer to that would be, ”This is not true at least in Seoul, Korea.” 🙂

As part of the project called “Hangang Renaissance”, pedestrian passages and bike paths were made and the longest fountain in the world was created, too. Its name is “Fountain of Moonlight and Rainbow”

(In Korean word, “달빛 무지개 분수” it sounds romantic and cute but in English, it sounds soso -) ) But no one will be able to doubt the beauty of this fountain!

Unlike many countries, all places in Korea maintain public security perfectly even in midnight, so you will be allowed to take a stroll around the city or go shopping or have a midnight snack without any threat of attack. You can also enjoy this view with very atmospheric music and maybe you can propose to your lover, too.

*Another Tip for You:
-Timetable of the fountain-
MON~ THU : 12:30 15:00 20:00 20:40 21:20
FRI : 12:30 15:00 20:00 20:40 21:20 22:00
SAT~SUN : 12:30 15:00 17:00 20:00 20:40 21:20 22:00


One Response to “Let’s Take a Walk Under the Moonlight!”

  1. Twanya Bedell Says:

    These pictures and descriptions are fabulous!!! You have really made me want to save my money and come visit your beautiful country!!! Thank you for sharing your blog with me!

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