Lunar New Year’s Day in Seoul

The lovers’ very first big event in 2010 is Valentine’s day on 14 Feb, which is near at hand. But it just so happened that Valentine’s day and Lunar New Year’s day(Seollal) are on the same day in this year, in Korea.(I think solos will be deeply grateful to that.) Korean people have memorial service to their ancestors and usually visit hometown and spend the day with families and exchange presents. But this time, Seollal holidays are unusually short, so many Seoulites will just spend their days in the city.

Here are the ways to enjoy this New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar in Seoul!

For active person, there are various events and special concerts on this day. In other words, Seollal is the great chance to learn and enjoy Korean traditional cultural events or performances like New Year’s bow(세배), eating tteokguk, playing madangnori(traditional outdoor performances)…. Plus, upbeat sound of Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet) really heightens the excitement in those events.

But I guess some of you may think ‘That’s good, but all things taken together, there’s nothing better than having a break time in holiday.’ Don’t worry. Of course, there is perfect way to spend time in your home, too. Special movies for Lunar New Year’s Day will broadcast by each station and all you have to do is just watching TV sitting on a sofa with delicious food for the memorial service. 😉 Among all foods for the memorial service, I do love bindaetteok(mung-bean pancake)! It’s a kind of Korean vegetable pizza or pancake. You must try it! Sooooo yamy.

Well, did you enjoy it? Korean people also look back upon their January and reexamine their own new year’s resolution on this day, too. It’s mid February of 2010 already but, happy new year and hope you reach your goals in 2010!

6 Responses to “Lunar New Year’s Day in Seoul”

  1. i love your blog & articles…!
    it’s really fun and interesting.
    i hope you keep publish articles about exciting seoul,
    even if the breeze reporter thing is over..
    p.s did you get any chocolates?

  2. Hyeonjeong! your blog looks great too

  3. Your blog is so good and your post also great!

  4. Wow foods look very delicious !!
    your photos and blog decorations are nice too.
    please visit my blog often .

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