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Lunar New Year’s Day in Seoul

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The lovers’ very first big event in 2010 is Valentine’s day on 14 Feb, which is near at hand. But it just so happened that Valentine’s day and Lunar New Year’s day(Seollal) are on the same day in this year, in Korea.(I think solos will be deeply grateful to that.) Korean people have memorial service to their ancestors and usually visit hometown and spend the day with families and exchange presents. But this time, Seollal holidays are unusually short, so many Seoulites will just spend their days in the city.

Here are the ways to enjoy this New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar in Seoul!

For active person, there are various events and special concerts on this day. In other words, Seollal is the great chance to learn and enjoy Korean traditional cultural events or performances like New Year’s bow(세배), eating tteokguk, playing madangnori(traditional outdoor performances)…. Plus, upbeat sound of Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet) really heightens the excitement in those events.

But I guess some of you may think ‘That’s good, but all things taken together, there’s nothing better than having a break time in holiday.’ Don’t worry. Of course, there is perfect way to spend time in your home, too. Special movies for Lunar New Year’s Day will broadcast by each station and all you have to do is just watching TV sitting on a sofa with delicious food for the memorial service. 😉 Among all foods for the memorial service, I do love bindaetteok(mung-bean pancake)! It’s a kind of Korean vegetable pizza or pancake. You must try it! Sooooo yamy.

Well, did you enjoy it? Korean people also look back upon their January and reexamine their own new year’s resolution on this day, too. It’s mid February of 2010 already but, happy new year and hope you reach your goals in 2010!

Big Specialties in Seoul Metro

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Seoul is a model city in the field of “Transportation.” Unlike other cities, Seoul Metro runs 365 days a year except for leap year, when it runs 366 days, and you can enjoy Seoul City Tour by subway with various routes and numerous themes. For instance, by taking the subway line No.5, you can see all modern aspects of Seoul by stopping at Yeouinaru, Seodaemun, Gwanghwamun, Jongro 3ga, Dongdaemun, and so on. But those are just part of package and there is more in it except those! So, From now on, I’ll let you know the unknown specialties of Seoul Metro. The train is now approaching. Please behind yellow line and watch your step. 🙂

First specialty is Happy Bookstore. Is it cool enough that every transfer stations in line No.5~8 has strong scent of books? This bookstore also won the grand prize in ‘Creative Management’ which was held at the Seoul City Hall on 19 November 2009 and it’s widely perceived as a wonderful place by Seoulites because it’s not a commercial space, but a cultural space in public transportation. It’s a real shelter for citizens who are leading busy lives in the city.

Second specialty is Famous eateries in Station. Especially In ‘Jongno 3ga station’ with sub. line No.5, there is a famous eatery specializing in tteokguk(rice-cake soup) and dumpling soup. I could realize its popularity because people lined the route outside the restaurant. Its meat bun was so cute that it was a waste to be eating it alone so I got it to go a little. It reminds me the phrase, “What looks good tastes good.” 😉 The next stop of this train is Gwanghwamun station. I also paid a brief visit to another famous restaurant, BRCD(Bread is Ready, Coffee is Done) in this station. I felt comfortable with harmonious atmosphere and wood interiors as soon as I walked in.

Last speciality is the fact Seoul Metro is filled with many careful concerns of every tiny bits of life for citizens. It has entrances for the disabled and kids and in the train, straps are various in height. Every platform has Screen Door for the purpose of preventing accidents and there is a beautiful piece of poetry on the Screen Door that really comforts and relieves citizens. And the first picture shows people who provide a cup of hot tea for citizens in subway station. They are very considerate and kind.

All right then. Are you all in agreement on that Seoul metro is not just a common form of transportation but a fashionable, easy and neat form of transportation for young romance seekers or solitary people or just family visits? As you saw, Seoul Metro is Seoul’s pride and it’s a kind of “must-use transportation” while travelling in Seoul! You should try this green means, too!

You can get more information here!

The Story of King Sejong

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“The people are the root of a country and food is the sky.”
Look at the above photo! He’s actually one of the most respected heroes of Korea, the Great King Sejong! It’s safe to say he actually accomplished renaissance of Joseon Dynasty by developing promulgation of Hangeul(Korean Alphabet), science technology, culture and arts, military affairs, diplomacy, agriculture and astronomy on the base of love of people!

From now on, I’ll show you the exhibition, “The Story of King Sejong” which is being held at the center of downtown Seoul! I’m sure that this exhibition will be committed to the place for communication and unification to admire achievements of King Sejong and be revived as the spirit of the times for Koreans. And for Foreigners, this will be nice chance to learn about Korean hero.

This is overall view of the exhibition hall. This exhibition consists of 8 parts – Sejong as a Man, Ideology Focused on the People, Creation of Hangeul, Science and Art, Sejong’s Millitary Policy, Sejong the Great King, Garden for Communication, Seoul New Light.

*Tour Information For You
Hours:Tuesday -Sunday 10:30 ~ 22:30(Closed on Mondays)
Main No.: 02-399-1114
Location/Address: The Gwanghwamun Square 81-3, Sejong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul Korea
You can get more info. at

Changing Ceremony of the Royal Guard

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This is Changing Ceremony of the Royal Guard!

During the Joseon Dynasty period, a government office called Sumunjang was in charge of the gates of the palace. It was responsible for inspecting passers-by and keeping public order during the opening and closing ceremonies of the city gates.

And there are 7 program sequence of the changing ceremony of the royal guard- Granting a military password, Password check, First drum, Second drum, Third drum, Yepil(Announcement of the ending of the ceremony) and Patrol.

You can enjoy this show in front of Daehanmun, main gate of Deoksugung palace~

Let’s Take a Walk Under the Moonlight!

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I have a question to you guys. What do you think about bridge? Exclusive property of cars and trains?

Then my answer to that would be, ”This is not true at least in Seoul, Korea.” 🙂

As part of the project called “Hangang Renaissance”, pedestrian passages and bike paths were made and the longest fountain in the world was created, too. Its name is “Fountain of Moonlight and Rainbow”

(In Korean word, “달빛 무지개 분수” it sounds romantic and cute but in English, it sounds soso -) ) But no one will be able to doubt the beauty of this fountain!

Unlike many countries, all places in Korea maintain public security perfectly even in midnight, so you will be allowed to take a stroll around the city or go shopping or have a midnight snack without any threat of attack. You can also enjoy this view with very atmospheric music and maybe you can propose to your lover, too.

*Another Tip for You:
-Timetable of the fountain-
MON~ THU : 12:30 15:00 20:00 20:40 21:20
FRI : 12:30 15:00 20:00 20:40 21:20 22:00
SAT~SUN : 12:30 15:00 17:00 20:00 20:40 21:20 22:00

Green City, Green Life: Islands in Seoul

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There are many ecological parks and islands around Hangang, and this time, I’ll show you 2 major green islands: Yeouido and Seonnyudo!

Cherry-blossom festival in spring, Fantastic Fireworks, Beautiful fountains, Marathon race, Special concerts for citizens, Ecological park…… Yeouido has a lot of high-class services and stuffs, so it’s very good for family visits.

Also, Design of the Footbridge over the Branch is another attraction for you. Plus, The Floating Stage in this island, will let you enjoy your nice weekend in Seoul, too!

Water Purifier, Aquatic Plants, Ecological Playground, Design Seoul Gallary…… This park is also provide comfortable places to relax and reward your busy life in city, too.

Besides, This place is convenient to use Water Transprtations- like water taxi and cruise ship with spectacular sceneries of Hangang.

Best 5 Places for Shopping in Seoul

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Do you like travelling? Do you love shopping? Well, apparentaly, a lot of people do(Including me and maybe you). And I can say with confidence that Seoul is no less greater than Millan, New York, or Paris for shopping. But you may think it’s a little hard to go shopping tour in Seoul because there isn’t much information about it, right? So this time, I’m gonna be your Seoul shopping tour guide! Are you ready to go with me? Ok then here are the best 5 places for shopping in Seoul!

First Place is Myeondong.
Myeondong is the No.1 Fashion Street in Seoul and general Korea. There are many clothing stores and they keep all trendy clothes from outer clothing to underwear. If you have an exceptional sense of style, you’ll definately love this place!


Second Place is Insadong.
Do you want some more Korean-like stuffs or oriental style something?
Then here is the right place to visit- Insadong Ssamzigil! This street has a lot of time-honoured goods such as Korean traditonal ceramics, frames, sculptures… etc. You should visit here to buy souvenirs for your friends and familys while travelling Seoul.


Third place is COEX Mall.
COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping area in Korea! There are surely lots of clothing shops like Myeongdong and plus, there are lots of entertainments too! (Super sized aquarium, amusement arcades, food court, cinema house, PC room, karaoke bar(노래방)… etc) I think this is the best place for family visits.


Fourth place is Dongdaemun.
Like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun is a large fashion street, but there is something different between two streets. Myeondong has lots of luxurious brands and Dongdaemun has a special vitality. In Dongdaemun, lots of various styles and unusual febrics are there and today, lots of young people, particularly young urban working class are very into Dongdaemun’s retro style fashion. In fact, retro style is the very thing what Dongdaemun has, so you should be able to pick up some nice stuffs with reasonable price there.


Last place is On-line Shopping Mall.
GS shopping mall. Auction, 11st., these are famous Internet shopping malls in Korea. If you have no free time to shop or just you don’t wanna go out, pretty good alternative way is here!