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My School(Dongduk Girls’ High School) Festival

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Square of Art, Square of Lights

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Chamber of Lights(Open at 15:00)
:Media artists’ works are displayed in the open square offering a chance for visitors to easily and personally enjoy works of media art that may have seemed difficult or distant.

↓Zipper pipe by Haemin Woo

↓Notation Theater by Ga-youg Jun

↓Fly High by Jung-pgil Shin

↓Digital Moon “Touch The Light, Touch The Moon” by Kyung-ho Lee

Merry X-mas ^_^ ~

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The world-famous holiday is near at hand!

And Seoul is in a festive mood, too!

The whole city is filled with romantic atmosphere!

These are nightime view of 청계천광장(Cheonggyecheon Square)!

But this beautiful squre had been buried under layers of concrete for nearly 50 years , and it was reopened to the public after multimillion-dollar facelift (to tear down a two-tier highway above it)

Now it is one of the most appealing and environment-friendly squares in the world!

Wish you visit this place someday!

Happy holidays and enjoy your lovely time in Seoul, South Korea^_^!