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빨리빨리(Chop-chop Culture) Made Today’s Seoul

Posted in 99.9% of Seoul with tags , , , , on January 12, 2010 by Lydia

Does anybody know where the above Africa-like picture is?

It is Seoul (in 1950).
The year 1950 witnessed the outbreak of Korean War on that ground.

But can you believe that Korean economy has grown rapidly for the last three decades and now Korea is leading the IT, NT and BT industries as well?

Well, at that time, everybody said it is impossible.

But a miracle occured!

↓This video shows the present Seoul!

Unbelievable, right?

Actually, behind this amazing growth, there was a very unique culture among Koreans called 빨리 빨리(ppalli ppalli).

빨리 빨리 means “Chop-chop” or “Hurry up”.

Korean people can do anything with the almighty culture called 빨리 빨리, indeed. Burj dubai tower(The tallest building in the world), UAE South Korea nuclear deal .. etc.

And you can easily have a very interesting experience in Korea because all Korean people eat fast, walk fast, do their work fast. 🙂

Visit Korea in 2010!