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The Story of King Sejong

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“The people are the root of a country and food is the sky.”
Look at the above photo! He’s actually one of the most respected heroes of Korea, the Great King Sejong! It’s safe to say he actually accomplished renaissance of Joseon Dynasty by developing promulgation of Hangeul(Korean Alphabet), science technology, culture and arts, military affairs, diplomacy, agriculture and astronomy on the base of love of people!

From now on, I’ll show you the exhibition, “The Story of King Sejong” which is being held at the center of downtown Seoul! I’m sure that this exhibition will be committed to the place for communication and unification to admire achievements of King Sejong and be revived as the spirit of the times for Koreans. And for Foreigners, this will be nice chance to learn about Korean hero.

This is overall view of the exhibition hall. This exhibition consists of 8 parts – Sejong as a Man, Ideology Focused on the People, Creation of Hangeul, Science and Art, Sejong’s Millitary Policy, Sejong the Great King, Garden for Communication, Seoul New Light.

*Tour Information For You
Hours:Tuesday -Sunday 10:30 ~ 22:30(Closed on Mondays)
Main No.: 02-399-1114
Location/Address: The Gwanghwamun Square 81-3, Sejong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul Korea
You can get more info. at

the Square in Seoul

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This is JoongAng Daily news .
Lights, camera, traffic jam
November 30, 2009

The KBS spy action drama “Iris” team films explosion and gun-fighting scenes yesterday on the roads in front of the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in central Seoul. The roads, near which the Central Government Complex and the U.S. Embassy are located, were blocked for 12 hours from 7 a.m. during the shooting of the TV drama. [YONHAP]

Actually, I did go that square, the location of the drama(Iris) last month!

So this time I’ll show you what the 광화문광장(Gwanghwamun Square
) is!

This is me with expressionless face 🙂 I think i just so tired and blanked that day..

but the water of the fountain behind me was so beautiful!

It is said that It is brilliantly illuminated at night~

The statue in this pic is King Sejong!

King Sejong created Hangeul (한글-The Korean alphabet) and he is one of the best heroes of Korea!

It is said that 한글 was designated as National Treasure in UNESCO’s Memory of the world. I’m so proud of that ~

Are you able to guess what the green-something is?



Its name is hATCHI ! Hatchi is the symbolic character of Seoul!

Actually hatchi is much prettier than that -_- …!

CUTE and HOT character Right? 🙂