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Best 5 Places for Shopping in Seoul

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Do you like travelling? Do you love shopping? Well, apparentaly, a lot of people do(Including me and maybe you). And I can say with confidence that Seoul is no less greater than Millan, New York, or Paris for shopping. But you may think it’s a little hard to go shopping tour in Seoul because there isn’t much information about it, right? So this time, I’m gonna be your Seoul shopping tour guide! Are you ready to go with me? Ok then here are the best 5 places for shopping in Seoul!

First Place is Myeondong.
Myeondong is the No.1 Fashion Street in Seoul and general Korea. There are many clothing stores and they keep all trendy clothes from outer clothing to underwear. If you have an exceptional sense of style, you’ll definately love this place!


Second Place is Insadong.
Do you want some more Korean-like stuffs or oriental style something?
Then here is the right place to visit- Insadong Ssamzigil! This street has a lot of time-honoured goods such as Korean traditonal ceramics, frames, sculptures… etc. You should visit here to buy souvenirs for your friends and familys while travelling Seoul.


Third place is COEX Mall.
COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping area in Korea! There are surely lots of clothing shops like Myeongdong and plus, there are lots of entertainments too! (Super sized aquarium, amusement arcades, food court, cinema house, PC room, karaoke bar(노래방)… etc) I think this is the best place for family visits.


Fourth place is Dongdaemun.
Like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun is a large fashion street, but there is something different between two streets. Myeondong has lots of luxurious brands and Dongdaemun has a special vitality. In Dongdaemun, lots of various styles and unusual febrics are there and today, lots of young people, particularly young urban working class are very into Dongdaemun’s retro style fashion. In fact, retro style is the very thing what Dongdaemun has, so you should be able to pick up some nice stuffs with reasonable price there.


Last place is On-line Shopping Mall.
GS shopping mall. Auction, 11st., these are famous Internet shopping malls in Korea. If you have no free time to shop or just you don’t wanna go out, pretty good alternative way is here!

Timetravelling in Seoul~

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Seoul, the treasure of Korea’s modern culture, has transformed into a historical and cultural space !

Especially in Insadong, there’ s a real “korea-like” atmosphere !

Then let’s take a closer look!

These plates are kinds of art or something to please tourists

The main street is just a short walk from 안국(Anguk) station.

Walkers on the street also can see those ornaments like the above photo ^^

Also! you can find some elegant Ceramics in ceramics shops too!

Saturday Teatime at Insadong~

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차Hello there! Well, this time, I’ll introduce you to a Korean traditonal teahouse at Insadong! It is like Starbucks of Asians! Then enjoy your teatime~^_^

Do you see this lovely tearoom? It looks very comfortable, isn’t it? My friend Haemin drunk lemon tea with honey. And I had 금국화꽃차(brewed from chrysanthemum).