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Little France in Seoul

Posted in 0.1% of Seoul with tags , , , , , , on January 3, 2010 by Lydia

It’s very freezing in Seoul, now!

Anyway, did you know that there is a little Fance in 방배동(Bangbaedong), Seoul?(Bangbaedong is a town which I live in, actually.)

Its name is Seorae Maul!

서래마을(Seorae Maul: French town) is called ‘petit France’ among French pelople who live in Korea.

A lot of french people live in Seorae Maul , because there is a french school.

If you visit Seorae Maul for the first time, you can hardly find special things. There is much the same of other place in seoul.

BUT when you walk along the street , you can feel a mood which is related to France!

The word of Seo-Rae expressing ‘Running Stream’ was come from korean word, ‘서리서리’. There is a pond flowing near Seorae.

And in 1985 , French school moved to Seorae from Hannamdong(한남동).

So, french people moved to this Seorae Maul.

These days , about 60% of the french who live in korea dwell in Seorae Maul.

↑These are me and my friend in Seorae Maul.

Oh! There are many famous restaurants and coffee shops in the village, too.

We went famous Italian restaurant, Red Bric.

You can find more inf. about the restaurants in Seorae Maul, visit this site at