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KBS World Radio Interview with Matt Kelley

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I was on KBS World Radio program with another Seoulbreeze reporter Jaehoon and leader of the Seoulbreeze project, Ms. Hwang as an interviewee on last Friday. And I was sooo honorable to be with Matt Kelley that day, Matt Kelley is host of the Radio program and he’s also a power blogger, writing about Korea(

Although it’s for radio, the interview was taped with streaming video uploaded to the KBS World website, so I made sure I dressed super-nicely for this interview. But when the recording started, my head went blank and I finally made several ridiculous mistakes. (T.T)

Anyway, that’s fine. This is our recording scene. Though I didn’t fully enjoy it because of my nervousness, this is something cool that every people want to do. And I learned lots of things through this short interview, too.

Okay, here is the brief conversation. He asked me about what I like most and least about blogging, topics I enjoy writing about the most and things I learned through the Seoulbreeze program and blogging education, bla bla bla..

Best 5 Places for Shopping in Seoul

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Do you like travelling? Do you love shopping? Well, apparentaly, a lot of people do(Including me and maybe you). And I can say with confidence that Seoul is no less greater than Millan, New York, or Paris for shopping. But you may think it’s a little hard to go shopping tour in Seoul because there isn’t much information about it, right? So this time, I’m gonna be your Seoul shopping tour guide! Are you ready to go with me? Ok then here are the best 5 places for shopping in Seoul!

First Place is Myeondong.
Myeondong is the No.1 Fashion Street in Seoul and general Korea. There are many clothing stores and they keep all trendy clothes from outer clothing to underwear. If you have an exceptional sense of style, you’ll definately love this place!


Second Place is Insadong.
Do you want some more Korean-like stuffs or oriental style something?
Then here is the right place to visit- Insadong Ssamzigil! This street has a lot of time-honoured goods such as Korean traditonal ceramics, frames, sculptures… etc. You should visit here to buy souvenirs for your friends and familys while travelling Seoul.


Third place is COEX Mall.
COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping area in Korea! There are surely lots of clothing shops like Myeongdong and plus, there are lots of entertainments too! (Super sized aquarium, amusement arcades, food court, cinema house, PC room, karaoke bar(노래방)… etc) I think this is the best place for family visits.


Fourth place is Dongdaemun.
Like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun is a large fashion street, but there is something different between two streets. Myeondong has lots of luxurious brands and Dongdaemun has a special vitality. In Dongdaemun, lots of various styles and unusual febrics are there and today, lots of young people, particularly young urban working class are very into Dongdaemun’s retro style fashion. In fact, retro style is the very thing what Dongdaemun has, so you should be able to pick up some nice stuffs with reasonable price there.


Last place is On-line Shopping Mall.
GS shopping mall. Auction, 11st., these are famous Internet shopping malls in Korea. If you have no free time to shop or just you don’t wanna go out, pretty good alternative way is here!

Hangang Renaissance-Finest Cafes

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“Design aficionados have been drawn by the Korean capital’s glammed-up cafes and restaurants, immaculate art galleries and monumental fashion palaces like the sprawling outpost of Milan’s 10 Corso Como and the widely noted Ann Demeulemeester store — an avant-garde Chia Pet covered in vegetation.” – New York Times

I showed you those immaculate art galleries and monumental fashion palaces in Seoul the other day, right? And this time, I’ll show you what do those Seoul’s glammed-up cafes and restaurants look like. Here we go~ Just follow me!

As many as 8 cafes are on the bridge of Han River. (Wait! Han River, which is called ‘Hangang’ is not only Seoul’s lifeline, but tourist attraction.)

↑ Do you see that cafe? Its name is “A Ri-tta-um”, meaning ‘Beauty’.

↓ And this pic is inside view of the cafe. The cafe is divided in two parts, east and west. East space imparts an Eastern atmospere and west space is filled with western atmosphere.

↓ These cafes’ name are Nodeul and Rio. Their same motto is “the Lighthouse” and they are both adorned with big windows for the sake of making visitors enjoy the scenery of Han River. How about spending a special evening at these cafes with your boyfriend or girlfriend? (or family 😉 )

↓ These cafes are also good to enjoy your special evening. Their names are “Cloud” and “Flaming sunset “. (Actually in Korean name, 구름 노을 ,they sounds more romantic.) You can also enjoy breeze of Han River with aromatic scent there.

↓Though it may seem plain in daytime, it is not in nightime. Its name is “Cafe Rainbow” And Its main menu is Makgeolli(unrefined rice wine)with cocktail. Makgeolli is Korean traditional drink, and this liquor leaves a fantastic aftertaste, my father said. 🙂 You should try it someday!

↓ Lastly, its names is “Riverview Bom(meaning Spring)”. It’s motto is very unique- ‘for Women and for Environment’.

For special days like Christmas, Valentines day.. etc Those places are perfect, right? So, why don’t you enjoy your lovely tea or bitter brew at one of Seoul’s best cafes?

사진 제공 서울특별시 한강사업본부

My School(Dongduk Girls’ High School) Festival

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2010 World Design Capital Seoul

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Guess what, Seoul was chosen as the World Design Capital (WDC) for 2010! It’s very cool because the designation allow a distinctive opportunity for cities to feature their accomplishments in attracting and promoting innovative design.

“Forget Tokyo. Design aficionados are now heading to Seoul.” New York Times also selected Seoul as number 3 of the 31 places to go in 2010 and said like that.

World Design Capital Seoul 2010 seeks to create a city of “Design for All!” together with its citizens, based on the 4U : Universal, Ubiquitous, Unique, by U.

You see, Seoul city has adorned itself with off-the-wall ideas and those ornaments are all considering foreigners as well as citizens. Among the all new design elements, considering tiny bits of life is really quite something, don’t you think? How could they think of all that- such as the manhole cover? 🙂

OH! I think I almost forgot. There is another interesting exhibition in Seoul Square, and I went there with my friend last month.

Now, Seoul’s design is definitely worldwide. You should visit Korea and visit Seoul in 2010 to see and feel those ornaments as it is said “Seeing is believing!”

Tips for you : It is said that a highlight will no doubt be the third annual Seoul Design Fair (Sept. 17 to Oct. 7), the city’s answer to the design weeks in Milan and New York, which last year drew 2.5 million people and featured a cavalcade of events under two enormous inflatable structures set up at the city’s Olympic stadium.

For more information on the WDC, visit this site here!

빨리빨리(Chop-chop Culture) Made Today’s Seoul

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Does anybody know where the above Africa-like picture is?

It is Seoul (in 1950).
The year 1950 witnessed the outbreak of Korean War on that ground.

But can you believe that Korean economy has grown rapidly for the last three decades and now Korea is leading the IT, NT and BT industries as well?

Well, at that time, everybody said it is impossible.

But a miracle occured!

↓This video shows the present Seoul!

Unbelievable, right?

Actually, behind this amazing growth, there was a very unique culture among Koreans called 빨리 빨리(ppalli ppalli).

빨리 빨리 means “Chop-chop” or “Hurry up”.

Korean people can do anything with the almighty culture called 빨리 빨리, indeed. Burj dubai tower(The tallest building in the world), UAE South Korea nuclear deal .. etc.

And you can easily have a very interesting experience in Korea because all Korean people eat fast, walk fast, do their work fast. 🙂

Visit Korea in 2010!

VANK Seoul Breeze Newsletter 3

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Little France in Seoul

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It’s very freezing in Seoul, now!

Anyway, did you know that there is a little Fance in 방배동(Bangbaedong), Seoul?(Bangbaedong is a town which I live in, actually.)

Its name is Seorae Maul!

서래마을(Seorae Maul: French town) is called ‘petit France’ among French pelople who live in Korea.

A lot of french people live in Seorae Maul , because there is a french school.

If you visit Seorae Maul for the first time, you can hardly find special things. There is much the same of other place in seoul.

BUT when you walk along the street , you can feel a mood which is related to France!

The word of Seo-Rae expressing ‘Running Stream’ was come from korean word, ‘서리서리’. There is a pond flowing near Seorae.

And in 1985 , French school moved to Seorae from Hannamdong(한남동).

So, french people moved to this Seorae Maul.

These days , about 60% of the french who live in korea dwell in Seorae Maul.

↑These are me and my friend in Seorae Maul.

Oh! There are many famous restaurants and coffee shops in the village, too.

We went famous Italian restaurant, Red Bric.

You can find more inf. about the restaurants in Seorae Maul, visit this site at

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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Happy new year~ 🙂

This board is in Seoul square and the posts on the board are seoulites’ new year’s resolutions.

“2010 내 인생이 술술 풀린다.”

It means “in 2010, my life will go off without a hitch.”

Anyway, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Fly to the sky~:2009 Snowboard big air worldcup

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Winter! The Santa’s season is in Seoul!

Are you still just trembling with cold and hiding yourself under the bedclothes in this festive season?

Then why don’t you join in winter sports in Seoul with Seoulbreeze? 🙂

Snowboard like the wind, fly high to the sky, turn head over heels, and then make a good lending!

Extremely cool jumps were manufactured in the core center of downtown Seoul on 12 December, the 2009 FIS Men’s Big Air Snowboard World Cup!

Dynamic and energetic JUMPS, beautiful BACKGROUND VIEW of the city and the great SHOUTS of victory were 3 keywords of this competition!

39 snowboarders competed on the million-yard-long “slope,” performing spectacular jumps in front of lots of spectators. Swiss Gian-Luca Cavigelli won his first snowboard World Cup title with his ‘backside 1080(3 rotations in the air)’. He said, “It was amazing. So many people and just a special place. I’m really happy to have won here because it’s like a new feeling competing in an Asian country, and definitely Seoul is an amazing city”

Want some wonderful scenes of this competition?

Here are incredible photos!

↑Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

I’m sure that the Great King Sejong wanted to see these amazing scenes, too!

(Unfortunately, his statue is looking opposite side of this competition, so he couldn’t watch these spectacles.)

↑Ouch! He lost his balance and tumbled over.

And it is said that many Koreans hope the success of Asia’s first Snowboard World Cup event will bring an even bigger international winter festival to Korea. “We were able to promote Seoul to the world as the event was covered by some 400 reporters from 190 news outlets, including about 150 foreign journalists from 65 foreign media such as CNN, NHK, the AP and The New York Times,” said chief representative Kang Cheol-won. And recently, 평창(Pyongchang) announced it will indeed make its third bid to host the Winter Olympics, this time in 2018.