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“Haechi” Symbol of Seoul

Posted in 0.1% of Seoul with tags , , , on January 15, 2010 by Lydia

Haechi is a symbol of Seoul!
There is a fair of Haechi in Gwanghwamun Squre and there are lots of satues of Haechi, too!

Here is a brief introduction about Haechi.

Haechi, is an animal of “justice and integrity” that rewards good and punishes evil. It is an imaginary animal with divine power that wards off disaster and brings fortune.

Covered with scales, Haechi has a horn on its head and a bell on its neck. It can fly in the sky thanks to wing-like feathers, guarding Seoul. Living close to water in summer and in the pine forest in winter, it is believed to live mainly around Gwanghwamun and Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul

During the Joseon Dynasty, officials in the Saheonbu (Office of Inspector General) used to wear uniforms decorated with Hachi; Ordinary citizens also used Haechi as a talisman to ward off disaster and bring them fortune. Haechi has been the guardian of Seoul throughout its long history.

Haechi as a vital symbol will bring happiness and pride to Seoul citizens and continue to represent enduring vitality to people all over the world for years to come.

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