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Fly to the sky~:2009 Snowboard big air worldcup

Posted in 99.9% of Seoul with tags , , , , , , on December 28, 2009 by Lydia

Winter! The Santa’s season is in Seoul!

Are you still just trembling with cold and hiding yourself under the bedclothes in this festive season?

Then why don’t you join in winter sports in Seoul with Seoulbreeze? 🙂

Snowboard like the wind, fly high to the sky, turn head over heels, and then make a good lending!

Extremely cool jumps were manufactured in the core center of downtown Seoul on 12 December, the 2009 FIS Men’s Big Air Snowboard World Cup!

Dynamic and energetic JUMPS, beautiful BACKGROUND VIEW of the city and the great SHOUTS of victory were 3 keywords of this competition!

39 snowboarders competed on the million-yard-long “slope,” performing spectacular jumps in front of lots of spectators. Swiss Gian-Luca Cavigelli won his first snowboard World Cup title with his ‘backside 1080(3 rotations in the air)’. He said, “It was amazing. So many people and just a special place. I’m really happy to have won here because it’s like a new feeling competing in an Asian country, and definitely Seoul is an amazing city”

Want some wonderful scenes of this competition?

Here are incredible photos!

↑Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

I’m sure that the Great King Sejong wanted to see these amazing scenes, too!

(Unfortunately, his statue is looking opposite side of this competition, so he couldn’t watch these spectacles.)

↑Ouch! He lost his balance and tumbled over.

And it is said that many Koreans hope the success of Asia’s first Snowboard World Cup event will bring an even bigger international winter festival to Korea. “We were able to promote Seoul to the world as the event was covered by some 400 reporters from 190 news outlets, including about 150 foreign journalists from 65 foreign media such as CNN, NHK, the AP and The New York Times,” said chief representative Kang Cheol-won. And recently, 평창(Pyongchang) announced it will indeed make its third bid to host the Winter Olympics, this time in 2018.