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Absolute Beauty of Figure Skating, Yuna Kim!

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Hey, Yuna Kim, who is also called Yuna Queen in Korea, won the figure skating championship with most complete performance in the annals of figure skating history, few hours ago! I’m so proud of her not because of the fact that she’s a Korean or she’s beautiful, but because I know her desperate effort and her pressure. She really deserved the gold, right?

Though I don’t know much about the figure skating, I knew that her skating was absolutely beautiful and.. Oh my god! Her total score was 228.56 which is similar as male skater’s score! “I can’t believe this day is finally come for me.” Yuna said like that.

Get ready world! It’s Yuna’s world!


Posted in Seoul Breeze with tags , , , , on November 29, 2009 by Lydia

Yuna queen, the world champion!
And I’ll show you comments about this video in Utube~

beautiful costume
perfect performance

arrrrr….i saw her performance every morning. better than morning coffee. 🙂

I love this program 🙂

This is absolutely a sophisticated, neat, elegant, and beautiful program!!! Love it!!!

This program is good. To be neat is elegant. In future score continuously the thing which will be higher 200 Oh!. Any more is not an rival to her.